Burpees for 2

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 01/20/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Repo
DR Pax:

A late cancellation placed YHC in position to Q one day after leading a beatdown @ The Royale. No reason to recreate the wheel. Just decided to press REPEAT of the Beatdown “Playing Quarters @ The Royale”

Due partly to Stuffin’s VQ @ The Furnace where 21 Pax showed up in support, along with an illness and two injuries from regulars @ Rocket Town, only one other Pax than YHC showed up in the Gloom. No worries. Time to get our burpee on…

Burpees x 5 – On YHC’s Up
Abe Vigodas: IC x 20
Burpees x 5 – On YHC’s Up
Motivators x 9
Burpees x 5 – On YHC’s Up
Imperial Walkers: IC x 20
Burpees x 5 – On YHC’s Up
Grady Corns: IC x 25
Burpees x 5 – On YHC’s Up

The Thang:
Mosey to Southeast corner of the park
Round 1:
Burpees: OYO x 25
Gas Pumps: IC x 25

Mosey towards the playground
Round 2:
Burpees: OYO x 25
Freddie Mercuries: IC x 25

Mosey towards the Northwest Soccer Field
Round 3:
Burpees: OYO x 25
American Hammers: IC x 25

Mosey to the SF for the COT

Lifted up Moonshot and Pointer for one’s illness and one’s injury. YHC thanked Repo personally for continuing to push him every day and every week. If there was only one other Pax to workout with, YHC considers himself lucky that it was Repo. Thank you, Brother for the extra push!

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