High and dry

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 01/25/2021
Q: Focker
Pax: Billy Goat, Blazer, Chief, Outback, Sweater Vest, U-Haul
DR Pax:

Guys were ready for rain with rain gear. It was definitely, see your breath weather. Started up the hill at 0530 sharp and grandma Sandy was beating us to the TH. Disclaimer given?

The Thang:
Mumble chatter started about football 🏈 at the very beginning of the TH and went all the way up to the turn. It seems most are thinking the Chiefs look the strongest but no one is going to count out TB the GOAT 🐐 on his home turf. To stay warm we did 25 burpees in 4 sets for the way down.

Meet up at the helipad. Countarama and namearama. The usual announcements…. blood drive, St Mary’s, sobriety, MABA, and meal train for Doss family. Chief took us out with prayer 🙏! Have a great week folks.

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