Let’s Explora with Dora 1-2-?

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 01/21/2021
Q: Timber
Pax: Lambert, Longboard, Messy, RoadRash
DR Pax:

Moseyed to the grass patch and did a few warm-ups:
Tappy-Taps x 15 IC
Grady Corn x 30 IC
Steve Earle x 15 IC

The Thang:
YHC is a big fan of exploring new areas and as long as I have been coming to this AO we have never gone east of the volleyball pits so naturally this is an area I wanted to explore. I thought I would bring a few of my brothers along with me and do it Dora Style.

We moseyed east until we got to a grass field next to the boat launch. Here we paired up and did the 100 merkin portion of Dora 1-2-3. Then we continued to mosey east until we hit the Scottsdale Road bridge. We did an Indian run across the bridge and then headed back west along the lake front path.

We stopped in front of a grass hill at the HonorHealth building where we did the 200 LBC portion of Dora 1-2-3. Then we continued to mosey west until we hit the Second Mill Avenue Bridge with a couple short sprints along the way.

Indian run across the bridge and then back down to the grass patch. Because today is 1-21-21 I felt it was imperative for us to do 21’s. Road Rash messed up the first one but we all got it on the second try.

Finished up with some Mary:
Superman x 20 IC
WWII Sit Ups x 15 IC

Reminded everyone of Proverbs 12:1, “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.” In other words, let’s not be stupid and make sure that we are open to accepting correction when it is appropriate. Often we are blind to our own faults and it takes someone else to point them out to us.

Prayer for Lambert’s cousin going through cancer treatment, Covid 19 patients and all PAX as husbands and fathers to lay our lives down for our families.

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