Super Hero Burpees

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 01/18/2021
Q: Chief
Pax: Holy Roller, Mushu, Repo, Stuffin’, Timber
FNG: The Minotaur
DR Pax:

Beautiful morning to be out in the gloom! 45 degrees, definitely can’t complain for mid January!

Some mumble chatter about the Chiefs Browns game and how the Chiefs barely made it out…possibly foresight for what was ahead for the pax this morning???

Disclaimer given and we’re off!

The Thang:
– Mosey around the AO
– Goofballs IC x 15
– Low slow sumo squats IC x 15
– Plank until pax can accurately name the 5 core principles of F3. # of seconds it takes to get all 5 right = the number of reps of the next warm up. Wrong answer = add 5 seconds 🙂 Looks like the pax did their homework last night as they got all 5 right in 32 seconds. Which means….33 SSH and Q dropped off cadence at some point to see if we can all finish together. We tried, and tried again, and tried again. Almost got it and we definitely got better as it went along!

Circuit #1 (in between each exercise jog across parking lot and then sprint back)
– 4 wheel of merkins
– 20 Ladder jacks
– Calf raise on the curb IC x 20
– 10 spider man burpees

Circuit #2 (same running setup)
– 3 wheel of merkins (Q starting to run out of time already so had to trim some of the workout…we must be having too much fun!)
– 15 ladder jacks
– Calf raise on the curb (angle feet outward) IC x 20
– 10 super man burpees (hold super man at the bottom for 3 seconds each time)

Circuit #3 (you guessed it, same running setup)
– 10 forward lunges per leg at one end of parking lot
– 10 Apollo Ohnos per leg at other end of parking lot
– 9 forward lunges per leg at one end
– 9 Apollo Ohnos per leg at other end
– Etc down to 1

MARY – Q held his promise and pax did 29 WW2 situps based on final score of the browns chiefs game. RECOVER RECOVER

Announcements: Blood drive Feb 16 (see slack for details), food bank volunteering Sat Feb 6

Mission of F3 was discussed in detail. Talked about what a privilege it is to Q a workout and lead everybody this morning. Also focused on the meaning of the word “serve” from the mission and what it means to me. Every time you post to an F3 workout, you are serving, supporting and encouraging the guy standing right next to you. Don’t forget that next time you’re on the fence the night before or morning of. We are all relying on each other.

Encouraged pax to take some time today to read about the work of Dr. King. It’s fascinating and inspiring. One of my favorite quotes from him (among many): “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Definitely something I am going to be thinking about more of today and this year.

Have a great week men!

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