AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 01/18/2021
Q: Glory
Pax: ATM, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Skywalker
FNG: Booty
DR Pax:

In 1968 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed at the age of 39. What he accomplished in those years is more than many men who lived twice as long, but the work is not yet through.

The Thang:
Side straddle hops x39
Imperial walkers x39
Hillbilly squat walkers x39
Merkins x39
Left/right step-ups x39

1-2-3 Dora on the S. Hill
100 merkins
200 sit-ups
300 squats

10 burpees
39 murder bunny hops
10 burpees
39 murder bunny hops
10 burpees
39 murder bunny hops
9 burpees

LBC x39
Plank for mission, core principles, and credo
11 merkins

Build a legacy that lives longer than you.

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