Third Time is a Charm

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 01/13/2021
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Blockbuster, Bullseye, Care-Bear, Choo-Choo, Exotic, Fire and Ice, Jeter Phoenix, Lambert, Longboard, Pink Gorilla, RoadRash, Sandman, Spaetzle, Spud, U-Haul, Wilson, Chief
FNG: Benjamin Moore, Sleepy Hollow
DR Pax:

After a brief disclaimer – “I’m definitely not a professional, go at your own pace, push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself” … the PAX moseyed to the grass area for a brief warmup which included motivators (8x), squats (10x), merkins (10x), WWII (10x), Peter Parker’s (10x), and burpees (10x). Then the PAX headed out for a tour of Arcadia and some of SV’s places of “worship”.

The Thang:
The PAX ran up 56th street to Camelback Road and stopped along the way at a pizza establishment, several churches, and a dark, empty street to do BLIMPS – burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, Peter Parker’s, and squats. In totla, the PAX completed 70 burpees (30 more to do today) and ran 3 miles.

Thanked God for allowing us to enjoy the morning with friends and get some work in.

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