AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 01/06/2021
Q: Outback
Pax: Blockbuster, Care-Bear, Chief, Fire and Ice, Focker, Panther, Sandman, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Spud, Stu, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, U-Haul, Sweatshop
FNG: Madoff
DR Pax:

Balls up

The Thang:
Each man picks up two tennis balls and must hold them throughout the entire workout. The purpose was to distract from some of the pain about to be inflicted.

Mosey over to the picnic tables
– 20 side straddle hops
– 20 step ups
– 35 dips

Mosey over to the top of Focker hill.
10 Burps per minute for 10 minute (100 burpees in total) to support those doing the burpee challenge this month.

Mosey over the the car park
First round of suicides. Run to each parking line return and do two sumo squats. Run to next parking spot and back and add two more sumo squats, rinse and repeat across the car park. Lung walk across car park to signal completion

Second round of suicides as above but with Carolina dry docks instead of the sumo squats.

By this time mumble chatter was all but extinct so hopefully this Q was doing something right.

Mosey to top of Focker Hill and hold plank for three mins.

Mosey to bottom of Focker Hill. Hold six inches and then finish with some LBCs. At this point the Q drop his tennis balls and did a burpee as punishment.

Appreciated the support and a little well deserved abuse in leading the PAX this am. Was my first Q in 3+ years and a little rusty but enjoyed it and being in the gloom with a great PAX.

1 FNG named Madoff. Announcements included Dryuary(no booze in Jan) going on and can start any time, some PAX heading to the Doghouse tomorrow instead of North-shore, MABA or make America burpee again is happening in January – 100 burpees per day and can start anytime. Feb 6 @ 8am volunteer event at Saint Mary’s food bank. Special thoughts and prayers for Joyce, Duree’s family and Shocks wife and Mary (sorry for any misspellings)

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