AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 12/30/2020
Q: Dora 1.2.3
Pax: Focker, Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Panther, Repo
FNG: Houdini
DR Pax:

Circled up for the disclaimer. Our FNG popped in a couple minutes late, but had a good excuse. He witnessed a car accident and the cops made him stay for a few minutes. The FNG did arrive before his headlocker though. Warmed up body but focused on legs. Got is some burpees as a group for the latecomers. Warm-o-rama lasted a little longer so we don’t have any injuries like out last Q. “Push yourself, DON’T hurt yourself”. Our FNG showed up with a torn ACL. Brave man.

The Thang:
After warm-o-rama, we fired up the 2 ton RAV4 in the parking lot and took turns pushing and pulling it around. Panther, being under the legal driving age, enjoyed guiding the vehicle while the other HIM pushed/pulled. While one PAX moved 2 tons of vehicle around the others did sprints, bearcrawls, shot the moon (thanks to Moonshot’s creation), etc. Finished out with Merry doing reverse pushups, push up holds, reverse crunches, flutter kicks. Definitely could leave the pax without doing Figure Four for the Core (F3TC).

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. Named our FNG Houdini on account of his first job doing magic. HVACL was a close runner up but difficult to say. Convergence coming up 1/2/21. Prayed for the car accident that Houdini witnessed. Thanks for improved health to Moonshot’s “M”. Prayed for Panther’s grandma turning 70. Health for the community. Peace and restoration of relationships in the nation. Reminded men to check out the Q Source as we start the new year.

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