I bet you’re glad here instead of with Odin

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 12/23/2020
Q: U-Haul
Pax: Chief, Jeter, Outback, RoadRash, Stuffin’, Wilson
DR Pax:

Circle of Merkins
Copper head squats
Calf raises
Arm circles (mini Odin style)
Indian Run

The Thang:
Kick the tennis ball around the park….wait can you even see that thing?

10burpees for the losing team / 10 merkins for the winning team
Round 2 – 10 lunges for the winning team / 10 Bonnie Blair’s for the losing team.

…enough of that after team U-Haul lost twice.

Aiken Legs 4X4
20 air squats
20 Kobe Squats
20 lunges
20 one legged SSH.
Rinse and repeat 4x

6 mins of mary

We know this time of year is a blessing for many – but not for everyone – we Pray for those less fortunate and ask that you look for those whom you can help while you give thanks for all we have.

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