Burpees Running Burpees

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 12/19/2020
Q: Messy
Pax: Blockbuster, Bull Husky, Care-Bear, Chief, Einstein, Jeter, Mr. Rogers, Outback, RoadRash, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Stu, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, Wilson
FNG: Milton
DR Pax: Blue

Add – if you’ve been to a Messy workout, you know I like 3 things:
1 – Burpees
2 – Running
3 – Burpees
Let’s get started with a 1 mile run

The Thang:
Workout 1
Burpees on the hill
Sprint to the top – do 1 burpee
Run to the sidewalk and run back up the hill
2 burpees
Keep this until achieving 10 burpees
This is about firm and speed!!
~Hold a plank or help finish strong to the others~
10 count

Workout 2
Mosy to the parking lot
25x Jump Squats
Sprint to the end 50% speed
15x Jump Squats
Sprint to the end 100% speed
Just to keep the blood flowing
– Side Straddle Hops
– Merkins x20
– Mountain Climbers x20
Speed and form gents!
We running AGAIN!!!

Workout 3
Each PAX comes up with a Mary exercise

Pick up the 6th!

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