12-Days of Christmas – Royale Style

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 12/24/2020
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Bueller, Bull Husky, Choo-Choo, Chubs, Focker, Mr. Rogers, Panther, Shock Collar, Wax Off
DR Pax:

Chubs kicked us off with the disclaimer and a few side straddle hops. The PAX was merry this Christmas Eve and we kept the warmup nice and easy. All in twelves, we looped in a couple of exercises that would come in handy later in the morning.

SSH 12x
Groiner 12x
Monkey Humpers 12x
Abe Vigoda 12x

Mosey out to the street and around to the light pole. Oopps, YHC forgot his notes, lets circle back to his car, got it, now let’s mosey for real! Good pace out to the light. PAX was feeling good and everyone in the Christmas spirit. Some good light displays from the neighbors along the way!

The Thang:
We arrived at the light and half circled up. YHC put on a little smooth jazz Christmas music to get everyone ready for a nice and “light” workout. “Hey Chubs, what are we doing?” “12-Days of Christmas” “What did you get on the first day of Christmas, Chubs?” “I got a burpee”…….

First Day: Burpee
Second Day: Merkins
Third Day: Three Merkin Burpee

Each day = number of exercises for that day (i.e. you do 3x three merkin burpees) and all prior days are repeated each time…

At this point the PAX is calling time out. When you put those first three days together that’s just a continuous burpee, right??! What do you call it?? Deconstructed?!. Three burpees for the three merkin burpee, jump down to do two merkins then jump back up (technically that’s another burpee), then jump down for a traditional burpee. That’s three, plus one, plus one, for five burpees total??! Yep, Merry Christmas. Let’s enjoy the music and keep going…..

Fourth Day: Monkey Humpers
Fifth Day: Donkey Kickers
Six Day: Three Squat Burpees

Wait wait wait…. We’re throwing more @#$%ing burpees in here?! Merry Christmas everyone!! The music is great!

Seventh Day: WWIIs
Eighth Day: Diamond Merkins
Ninth Day: Goiners
Tenth Day: Crunchy Frogs
Eleventh Day: Abe Vigoda’s
Twelfth Day: No Cheat Squats

Four min left of the clock, let’s keep the smooth jazz Christmas music going and mosey back to the circle.

I can’t remember what song was playing when we arrived back at the flags for COT but it was absolutely perfect timing. The song was finishing as the clock struck 6:15am. Closed out with pointing out the obvious. Christmas isn’t about presents or material things. The greatest thing in the world is love, and it’s worth far more than any gift you can buy. Love the ones close to you, and cherish those memories.

Prayers for Scott Howard and his family. Thanksgiving for the Buellers new job, and for the Burroughs who sang to Shock Collar and his family last night. Thanks for spreading the Christmas cheer, Focker and Panther!! We’ll look for you next year at the Froelich house 🙂

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