First Tree turns 2

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 12/17/2020
Q: Sandbag
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Birdman, Bookworm, Clearance Clarence, Donor, Forrest, Glory, Gypsy, Huggies, Oregon Trail, Pinball, Python, Rage, Short Circuit, Sweaty, Taz, Treefall, Walter, Wolveriño
FNG: Jackson aka Singlet
DR Pax:


The numbers. Average 2 year period:
2190 8 hour shifts
730 days
220 days over 100 degrees in AZ
104 weeks
24 months
18 inches of rain in AZ
8 quarters
Set the timer for 5 mins. Complete exercises until timer sounds.

The Thang:
1st 5 mins:
24 burpees
Seal clap
Plyo imperial
Rotating hillbillies
Abe Vigoda

The thang:
2nd 5 mins: I think this one was the PAX favorite!?!?
24 tempo Merkins 18 count

3rd 5 mins:
Motivator 104 (10×10 + 1×4)

4th 5 mins:
220 Arm-o-Rama (5 x 44 IC): Hallelujah. Pretzels. Ronnies. Overhead clap. Light bulbs.

5th 5 mins:
24 failure to launch 18 count

6th 5 mins:
730: 7 down to first tree and back. 30 side hops at first tree and 30 front/back hops at start.

7th 5mins:
2190: 21 reps with exercises of 90 degrees.
Tuck jumps.
Light bulbs.
Pulse lunge.
Plank reach through.
Crab jacks.
Jack hammer.

8th 5 mins:
Mary: Plank-o-Rama

Hand off the AOQ flag to Gypsy. Share appreciation for the dedication pax have shown over the last 2 years. Few pax have YHC some nice words followed by some mumble chatter. Let’s keep getting better!

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