Delivering Presents in Tempe

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 12/17/2020
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Chief, Longboard, RoadRash, Stu, Timber
DR Pax:

General disclaimers were given. The PAX began with a brief mosey to the grass area where we proceeded with a brief warmup of side straddle hop (x15), copperhead squats (10x), windmills (10x), merkins (15x), and WWII (15x).

The Thang:
After the brief warmup, we broke into two teams of three and proceeded to do “reindeer” races down the hill, across the sand to the lake, and back. We did this to BLIMBS (SV struggled to find a good P workout, so he replaced it with another B). The losing team was given a heavy backpack filled with sand, and the PAX proceed across Mill Ave bridge to A mountain. The losing team carried the backpack to the top of A mountain, where they switched with the winning team. The PAX ended with 5 minutes of Mary.

Asked God to watch over us and our families during the holiday season. And thank him for everything that he has given us.

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