Zootopia featuring Chubbs and Charizard

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 12/05/2020
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Big Mac, Blockbuster, Boots, Care-Bear, Charizard, Chief, Choo-Choo, Chubs, Einstein, Focker, Frenchy, Jeter, Mr. Rogers, Outback, Panther, RoadRash, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Stu, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, Timber, U-Haul, Wax Off, Wilson
FNG: Gigolo, Tarzan
DR Pax:

9-year old Chubbs walked out into the middle of 28 men and let out a battle cry. “My name is Chubbs, I am not a professional….. now let’s mosey!”. The PAX went wild and into the dark we went. Quick pace that morning to keep warm and went a little extra on the mosey. We finished in the middle of the field and circled up. Chubbs, Charizard, and Clock in the center. Charizard stepped forward, “First exercise is SSH”, Chubbs, “starting position move”, Clock, “in cadence, exercise”. Pro quality? You bet!! So, it was 15x SSH, 15x Imperial Walker, 15x Hillbilly Walker, 10x Failure to Launch (those things are brutal!). Mosey to the 38th parallel.

The Thang:
With the help of the 2.0’s, I thought we would do a little spin on Noah’s Ark. Let’s spiff it up a bit and with some music. Clock, “Hey Charizard, what’s the first animal we need to load into the Ark”. Charizard, “a bear, and a bear looks like this..” (queue bear crawl). The PAX followed suit bear crawling about a 100 yards. At the end of 100-yards, we went to the center, circled up, and were ready for the first song. Thunderstruck. On the word “thunder” burpee, the rest of the time clap your hands above your head. FYI: The burpee was the “break”. Brutal!! All done back to the 38th. Next animal crab. Chubbs was complaining about his hands being cold. I gave him my gloves. Geesh that was a mistake. Crab walking that 100-yards was insanely cold and I couldn’t feel my hands by the time we were done. Back to the center, next song “yeah” by Joel Nichols. “Yeah” merkin, “she” plank jack. Also tough! Back to the 38th. Last animal was the bunny rabbit and we hopped back across the field. Then to the center for our last song, always an F3 classic, Bring Sally Up. This time standing on your toes (heals off the ground), Sally Up was standing, Sally Down was holding squat. @#$%!!!!!!! That @#$% was hard!!!! I felt like somebody shot me in the calf with a shotgun!!

Concert was over, my hands were still freezing from the crab walks, so called an audible to go warm up and we all went for an Indian run. Two groups because there was so many of us.

Finished the run (1-mile), and back to the 38th for what was originally planned post Zootopia. Big boy suicides. Set out three lines on the field. 5-merkins first line then back to base line, 10-merkins second, and then 15-merkins third. All flush post-run and out to the center for some Mary. Bring back the music, and a final tribute to our namesake for the day, Zootopia by Shakira. Hold plank until “try everything” then jump up and do an overhead clap. Shred those abs!

Two FNGs today (great job on the EHs Shock Collar!). Talked about the core principals of F3 and then went around the circle for pick up the 6th. Great stuff! Thank you men for the honor. Special thanks for Chubbs and Charizard who did an outstanding job. 9-yrs and 7-years respectively. I couldn’t have been prouder and shout out to my M. (Megan FIA Peaceful Wildcat) for letting us come out this morning. 🙂

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