Misty run on PTR

AO: Piestewa
Beatdown Date: 12/11/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Blazer, Bull Husky, Choo-Choo, Dora 1.2.3, Mr. Rogers, Sniper, Sweater Vest, Timber
DR Pax:

Slow start today…, Dora123 head back to pick up late arrivals. Never saw Ham…. started run with disclaimer around 0530ish.

The Thang:
Rocks were nice and clean/ sharp by the rain yesterday. Air was misty and cool. You could definitely see your breath out there. Hit all 4 benches. We had two virgin trips around 302 by Sniper today and Bull Husky! Great job fellas! Sniper is now the youngest to go around at 8years old! We made the journey in around 1:14 minutes.

Countarama and namearama. Announcements were made for Timber doing Furnace Q tomorrow at 0600. We here it is BYOB. We have official launch of Rocket Town on Monday, Blood Drive on Thursday. Movie night on 12/21, let Chief know, only 20 spots. Prayer intentions were made by yours truly! Great job today fellas!!!

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