12 Days of Christmas

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 12/08/2020
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: Bull Husky, Dora 1.2.3, Morpheus, Mushu, Repo, Timber
DR Pax:

It was a wet and muddy field, thanks to Mushu we found some dry land. Welcomed the group to the workout for the 12 Days of Christmas with some trivia. The song has French origins and represents the amount of time that it took the Magi (three wise men) to reach Jesus for the Epiphany (recognizing him as the son of God). The 12 Days make up 78 gifts but this workout will have many more gifts that the original!
We circled up and each person was given a day and exercise to lead the group through.
Day 1: Really High Knees – Morpheus
Day 2: Cherry Pickers – Dora 123
Day 3: Lieutenant Dan’s – Repo
Day 4: Iron Hulks – Timber
Day 5: Motivators – Mushu
Day 6: Perfect Merkins – Bull Husky
Day 7: WWII’s – Morpheus
Day 8: Squat Thrusts – Repo
Day 9: Sumo Squats – Dora 123
Day 10: Side Straddle Hops – Timber
Day 11: Seals a clapping – Mushu
Day 12: Hillbilly Walkers – Bull Husky

Repeat back down to Day 1

The Thang:
Moseyed 50 yards over to the light.
Placed small cones down to make 8 3 foot gates over a 30 yard square area.
Paired up with on e soccer ball.
1 min Passing the ball between the pair
In pairs the first team to pass or dribble the ball 12 times through random gates wins. (2 min) group does 12 Hillbilly Walkers.
11 gates in 1min 30 seconds (seals)
10 gates in 1 min (side straddle hops)
9 gates in 50 seconds (sumo squats)
8 gates in 40 seconds (squat thrusts)
7 gates in 30 seconds (wwII’s)
6 gates in 20 seconds (Merkins)
5 gates in 15 seconds (Motivators)
4 gates in 10 seconds (Iron Hulks)
3 gates in 7 seconds (L. Dan’s)
2 gates in 5 seconds (cherry pickers)
1 gate in 2 seconds (high knees)

Countarama: 9
Blood drive 12/17 see slack to sign up.
Bring food donations to the furnace on 12/19
Christmas Vacation Movie night 12/21 7pm at Scottsdale fashion. Free with donation to the food drive.
Prayer intentions: Repos friend has recovers from COVID but his wife Krystal is now suffering special prayers for her. Mushu’s friend’s son has COVID and also has Cerebral Palsy special prayers for him to find healing comfort.

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