Save the Bunnies

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 11/28/2020
Q: Shock Collar
Pax: Care-Bear, Einstein, Sherpa, Stu, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest
DR Pax:

Warmups with the combined Murder Bunny PAX, @focker was frustrated with his inability to nail the silent Side Straddle Hop count despite @Panthers mastery of it. Some PAX members overheard @focker mumble something about hoping his challenges did not get called out in the all-important BB.

The Thang:
Ran 1mile with the combined group, then separated with wall stands, a few other things, and a well-balanced goalie-less, competitive, soccer game. Sherpa’s header assist made ESPN top ten for the day.

Shock shared an example of F3 team-members supporting each other and how much it is appreciated. Shock and Focker, double respect (and respect) and thanks for your leadership.

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