Full of Turkey and a Full Moon

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 11/30/2020
Q: Chief
Pax: Blazer, Sweater Vest
DR Pax: Silent B

Beautiful morning in the gloom! Full moon still out entire time, low 60s, and a slight breeze. Can’t ask for anything better to start the week!

The Thang:
Hike up Camelback to the usual spot with 4 pain stations throughout: 25 derkins, 25 dips, 25 squats, and 10 absolutions (hat tip to Silent B). Great conversations along the way!

Thankful for this beautiful morning and the time together! Great hearing from Silent B about what the F3 Puget Sound HIMs are doing to accelerate in their region. Thankful to have Silent B with us all of last week and today. Excited to hear about Blazer’s 25 days of elevation coming up! Let’s have a great week and not waste any of it!

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