AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 11/14/2020
Q: Short Circuit
Pax: Billy Goat, DOS, Gypsy, Rage, Sandbag, Wild Thang
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Small run to and around the volley beach area. Gather at benches, do set of dips and a set of wide merkins. Head to end of volleyball court and march all the way to the end. Now, bear crawl back to starting point at every pole starting with one do a burpee. (Increment 1 at each pole) Lunge back to other side, at each pole do lunges starting with 2 lunges and increment by 2 at each pole. Back to starting point, SSH at each pole and do baby hops/skips in between. Finish with Mary.

Yes, #sleepyforrest

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