Butt kicker

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 11/10/2020
Q: Walter
Pax: ATM, Bowser, Clearance Clarence, Crimson Hawk, Freefall, Pyro, Skywalker, Treefall
DR Pax:

Disclaimer. Work hard to honor Veterana.

The Thang:
8:01 Warm up:
Side straddle hops
Air hugs – Al Gores
High knees
Abe Vigoda
Butt kickers
Arm circles
One Leg stretch

8:12 Workout:
Imperial Walk
Jump Squats
Candle sticks (down and up)
Mountain Climbers
Merkins – variance
Plank holds
Bear crawl
Squat hold

8:33 Fun Drill (5 min)
RUN lap adding high knees and butt kickers

6 min Abs:
Flotter Kicks
Scissor kicks
6 ft hold
American hammers

8:44 CoT

Prayer requests for TreeFall’s Mom recovery from surgery and for Gipsy’s health

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