Baseball Trivia!

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 10/21/2020
Q: Chief
Pax: Beer Cart, Care-Bear, Focker, Mushu, RoadRash, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, Wilson
FNG: Blockbuster, Big Mac
DR Pax:

Beautiful morning! Challenged pax to push themselves and asked if they were here today to “check the box” by showing up or accelerate and improve.

Disclaimer given and we’re off!

The Thang:
Reminded the pax that game 2 of the world series was tonight so we had a baseball theme happening today. Well, actually not too much about baseball and more about baseball movies!

– Mosey around the park
– Arm circles IC x 9 (front and back)
– Motivators (9)
– Box cutters IC x 9 and then reverse IC x 9

Time for some baseball movie trivia! Here is your trivia game format: for each movie there will be 3 questions. Pax will plank while we wait for final answer from pax.
– Question #1: Pax guess what year. Then do scorpion dry docks and crab jacks for the numbers added up (2015 means 2+0+1+5= 8 scorpion dry docks and and 8 crab jacks). Add to the number of reps by number of years pax are off from the actual year movie came out.
– Question #2: Crunchy frog time! Right answer = 9, wrong answer = 27, and I don’t know = 18.
– Question #3: Superman pull ups! Right answer = 20, wrong = 60 and I don’t know = 40

Movie #1: Moneyball
– What year was movie based in? 2002 (Pax guess was 2005) = 7 scorpion dry docks and 7 crab jacks
– Name at least 3 actors in the movie: Too easy for the Pax…9 crunchy frogs
– What was rotten tomato rating for the movie (gave pax +/- 5% range here): Don’t know…40 superman pull ups. Correct answer is 94%!

Mosey around park with a 1 min wall sit pit stop

Movie #2: Sandlot!
– Year movie released: 1993 (Pax guessed correct)= 22 scorpion dry docks and 22 crab jacks
– Name of best player from movie and what team does he play for in big leagues: Benny the Jet Rodriguez and Dodgers. Pax couldn’t remember his first name so 27 crunchy frogs it is!
– What famous player does Benny the Jet see in his dream: Beer Cart nailed it with Babe Ruth! 20 super man pull ups.

Mosey around the park with a 75 second wall sit pit stop

Movie #3: Major League
– Year movie came out? 1989 = correct guess is 27 scorpion dry docks and 27 crab jacks
– Name of announcer from the movie: Bob Uecker! Pax nailed it, only 9 crunchy frogs.
– Wild Thing’s fast ball went from 79 mph to what when training for the movie? 85 MPH. Sweater Vest guessed correctly but pax didn’t trust his baseball instincts so the group decided for a I don’t know. 40 super man pull ups!

Mosey around the park with a 75 second wall sit pit stop

Flutter kicks IC x 25
WW2 situps IC x 15

Grateful for all of the men today. It’s inspiring to have new faces like Blockbuster and Big Mac join us and it pushes us all to get better. So much to be thankful for in our lives!

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