Lagniappe Blockbuster – Mahatma Guest Q

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 10/14/2020
Q: Mahatma
Pax: Chief, Messy, Pad Thai Phoenix, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, Timber, U-Haul, Wilson
FNG: Care-Bear
DR Pax:

It’s always an honor to lead – especially in the kool crisp mornings of Phoenix with a pax that brought their blocks

The Thang:
After a short disclaimer that focused on form – brothers holding brothers accountable for not “whisky-dicking” we were off with our blocks to find a spot in the dark for a quick warm up:
SSH x 20
WM x 10
Peter Parker Peter – QIC’s language barrier was no doubt evident as many pax seemed a bit confused with the movement instructions and mumble chatter was heard throughout the cadence. So to the chagrin of QIC I was determined to re instruct the 8 count movement – we got on the same page and completed it.
Scorpion kicks x 5 ea leg
LSS (good form) x 10

Mosey to the walls of the bathroom Bldging – “Triple Nickel” 3 exercises for 5 rounds (mule kick, pull ups and box jumps on the benches)

Now that we were all warmed up it was time for the lagniappe blockbuster section of the beatdown
Each exercise was performed for 6 reps, adding a workout to each round. For example, tri ext for round one. Round two, big boy then tri ext. Round 3, Merkins, big boys, then tri ext.

Tricep extentions
Big boy sit ups
Shoulder Press
Prisoner Squat
Man Makers
30Rocky Balboas in cadence – a few ax couldn’t help busting my balls a bit as I squeeeked out the last 2 counts! LOL

American Hammer
Alternating side-to-side Merkins
Front Raises (not kettlebell swings)

Finished with Mary –
Gas pumpers x 15
100’s (feet held 6” while air clapping the ground)

Failure to launch – hold block while in Al Gore position 8 count then squat jump.
2nd effort was evidently done in Cajun raising count to 10……Wilson launched early resulting in a 3 burpee penalty.

Time was up so we head back to the flag with our blocks

Got the chance to thank the Pax for allowing me to lead for 45 minutes. Named Care-Bear who Wilson drug out. Gave thanks for several things including the successful repositioning of Cheif’s 2.0. QIC’s call to awareness of our need to focus on family and leadership.

God Bless SYITG

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