Armstrong’s Long awaited Return Q

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 10/17/2020
Q: Armstrong
Pax: Chief, Shock Collar, Stuffin’, Wax Off, Wilson, Pad Thai Phoenix, Care Bear, Outback
FNG: Dilly Dilly
DR Pax:

Disclaimer followed by a warning that today was going to be a tough work out.

The Thang:
Warm Up: SSH. 3rd grade exercises, Windmills, Arm Circles

Man Maker Mile. Pax run 1/4 mile and do AMRAP man makers as we wait for the six (minimum of 2 man makers per PA).

11’s up Focker’s Hill. Chief choose Crucible Merkins and Wilson Choose Side Plank Arm through.

EMOM – “Pad Thai Chopsticks” (aka backward lunges) and Bear Crawl in between.

TABATA – 30 on 10 rest. 4/4/3 rounds of dirt angels, Shock V, ? Another exercise

AMRAP – 2.5 / 2 / 1.5 min rounds. Air Squats, Forward Lungees ,American Hammers

MARY – 1 Min Plank, LBC

Every day we are better off when we do the hard things. It is the road less travelled but it is what makes us better.

Reviewed the Mission, Credo, and Core Principles of F3.

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