RIP Wilbur the Wildcat

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 10/08/2020
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Choo-Choo, Ditka, Full House, Haka, Messy, Mushu, Shock Collar, Zanjero, Mad Dog
DR Pax:

Ten of us rose to the occasion this Thursday morning. YHC had hit the phones hard the day before trying to make up for a lack of PAX the Thursday before. The efforts paid off and there was a great showing this morning. Not to mention the weather felt great; borderline chilly! Disclaimer was given and the PAX circled up for warmup. SSH to start x50 with a rotation every x10 on the cadence. Good team effort. Post SSH warmed up the arms with 15x little forward, 15x little backward, 15x big forward, 15x big backward, 15x iron cross, and 15x cherry pickers. Mumble had started on that last 15x. Stretched out the legs and then went on an Indian run around the park.

The Thang:
When we returned from the run, all lined up on the “baseline” marked by the flag. YHC had put out markers on the 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. 25 was a basketball, 50 a Frozen Disney bike helmet, 75 a deflated basketball, and 100 my BELOVED Wilbur the Wildcat golf headcover. Wilbur has been apart of YHC’s bag for more than a decade. We started out with a big boy suicide running to the 25 back to baseline, 50 back, etc. all the way to 100. One “round” is 500 yards or just over 1/4 of a mile. Once the concept was introduced, the true workout, the kamikaze began. It went something like this. Run to the 25 and do 4x burpees, 4x squats, 4x merkins, 4x second plank. Back to the baseline and then run to the 50 and repeat the 4x burpees, 4x squats, 4x merkins, and 4x second plank. Run the pattern all the way to the 100 yard line and that’s one lap. We did two laps and on the third lap (due to time) we doubled the exercises to 8x everything. Once done with the third lap, including the warm-up suicide, the PAX had run over a mile and done 64 of each burpees, squats, merkins, and seconds plank. Finished up with a round-robin of Mary. Zanhero introduced the Zanhero shuffle which was a hard hitter on the core. Definitely going to be bringing that one back!

Thankful for all of the men in F3. Gave a shout out to the national podcast Pick Up the Six. They mentioned Chirp and his family as a national tap asking all of F3 nation to keep them in COT over the coming weeks. It’s just an amazing community out there and it’s stuff like this that makes us feel so connected. Also prayed for Hightower (Carolinas) who was a police officer that recently lost his life in the line of duty. Both Chirp and Hightower were brought up as national taps.

YHC brought iced coffee and so post COT all shared in coffeteria. Great times and great guys. I’m doubtful that the coffee was any good but the conversation sure was. And it was awesome to see everyone stay! Finally, post-coffee, Messy, and Ditka went to help me retrieve my markers. We got all of them but Wilbur. Someone stole my beloved headcover!! There was a really cute golden retriever running around post-workout. He’s my number one suspect!

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