Pac 12 Trivia

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 09/23/2020
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Chief, Haka, Mushu, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Timber, U-Haul, Wilson
DR Pax: Chowder

Welcome and disclaimer was given. Moseyed to the center of the field and began with Motivators (x8), Windmill (x10), Merkins (x12), WWII (x12), and Burpees for Haka (x6) …

The Thang:
Time for Pac 12 Trivia .. .get it right and you and your partner do 100 Merkins or Squats … get it wrong, you do 200. The Pac 12 has 10 football National Championships. USC has 7 of the 10, name two other schools. We did 100 Merkins (while one partner ran up Focker Hill. The Pac 12 has 12 Heisman Trophy winners. USC has 7. Name 4 of the other 5 schools that each have one … we did 200 Squats (while one partner ran up Focker Hill). Then we Moseyed in an Indian run format around The Furnace. We then did Pac 12 Mascot Trivia … get it right, fewer workouts (x6), get it wrong do more (x12). We proceeded to complete mess up Mascot names, etc … we did lots of running with Merkins, WWII, Burpees, etc. We concluded with 5 minutes of Mary.

Told the PAX how important F3 is to me and encouraged everyone to take a proactive role in being a leader in their house, the community, and their office.

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