Death March

AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 09/19/2020
Q: Glory
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, DOS, Grandmas Boy, Gypsy, Rage, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Swirl, Van Winkled
FNG: Juiced and Slater
DR Pax:

Perfect morning- clear skies, mild temps, and 13 hungry PAX ready to work

The Thang:
Slaughter starter (10 burpees OYO)
60 second AMRAP: high knees, butt kickers, SSH
Merkins x15 (IC)
Abe Vigota x15 (IC)
Slow, low squat x15 (IC)
Pulse Lunge x15 (IC)

BLOCKS AND LOG DEATH MARCH: two PAX on 110# log at the front, all others in a line behind carrying bricks. Many at the very end drops and does 5 burpees and then runs to replace one of the dudes on the log. Bricks are passed up the line until last man is empty handed and then does his burpees. Cycled through all PAX going around park twice.

One hand up on block merkins x10 (IC)
Both hands up on block merkins x10 (IC)
Other hand up on block merkins x10 (IC)
Alpos x10 (IC)
Curls x10 (IC)
Overhead Press x10 (IC)

Circle two PAX flipping 350# tire x5 doing
AMRAP of called exercises including burpees, SSH, lunges, squats, merkins, LBC

Back to the death march. Stopped on Southside of park for some ab work:
1 runner takes the hill while others AMRAP called exercises including flutter kicks, WW1SU, leg lifts, box cutters. (this one was a little clunky as two PAX were instructed to hold the log overhead and pass off didn’t go smooth- Lessons learned by YHC)

Complete death march lap back toward endex. Finish up with Absolution x10 (IC)

GORUCK event November 20th
F3 anniversary Jan 15-17th

See slack for details.

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