IronPax will take it outta ya!

AO: Piestewa
Beatdown Date: 09/18/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Chirp, Over Under, Timber, Zanjero
DR Pax:

Parking was plentiful at 0450! Not so much when we got back at 0600. Cars lined up waiting for spots. Pax were a bit grumpy (or maybe it was just me) but we started in the button at 0500.

The Thang:
Run up, run down! It was a bit windy, very dry morning jog. Pax stayed home n a nice grouping! Shout out to @chirp… great work today! Chatter was about a wide aray of topics from some fine arse, to Chipper Jones, to the short comings of going to acupuncture we’re you are given a bell and the wif of Mary Jane is in the air! All made it around safe and sound!!!

Yours truly got moving too fast, forgot Countarama and namearama! Pushing to give people parking. Talkers about moving time to 0530… but appears parking is still an issue so for now keeping 0500. Announce the opening up of North Shore in October and keeping Royale on Thursday’s. Prayer 🙏 happened! Amen

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