AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 09/09/2020
Q: Spaetzle
Pax: Chief, Focker, Panther, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Sweater Vest, Timber, Butterfly
DR Pax:

Best Year Ever!!

We’re coming into the year on 12/31/2019 feeling pretty mottttivvvated.

Motivators starting at 8. Tried to 3-count ’em and SV gave a lot of flack for that. Threw me off my game for a second. I’ll get him later.

The Thang:
Mosey to the school. We got kicked out before but I’ll feign ignorance if the janitor returns (and potentially HC to join PAX).

We’re racing through January trying to get started for the year. So. . . .

Wind Sprints across parking lot
50% capacity to midway point then 75% capacity to the end. Repeato on way back.

Then. .

Step it back to 60%/80%

And on the way back 100% OYG!!!

Ok Januaries over and we’re already 15 min through my 45 min Q. Somethings not adding up. . .

We’re now in February and it sounds like someone bit the head off a bat in China. . but we’ve got bigger problems because the International Nation of Menace, Iran, has threatened to start a war with D. Trump and he seems into it. Uh ohhh

WW3 Situps (basically Big Boy Standup situps) to the go-old ‘End of The World As We know it’ song. Switch to Merkins on the Chorus

March. . . .
We’re moving towards the end of the year (across the field) with bear crawl when CORONAVIRUS . . . (play some random Coronavirus dirty rap song from Spotify) hits. We need to reverse course and head into quarantine. . . so Crawl Bears back to the start.

Things are looking up actually (May) lets reopen and keep moving through the year (Bear Crawls). . .JK (AZ is global hotspot) get back inside (Crawl Bears). . You get the point. So many things

Rioters (with and without masks)
July 4th parties planned
July 4th parties cancelled
Stock market rallies on Vaccine news
Russia has a Vaccine (for sure lie)
Colleges re-opening
Colleges sending kids home 1 week into school for partying (what did they think would happen)

Ok – we’re in November and its time for the pinnacle of American civility and civil discourse, the 2020 Election.

2 teams D. Trumps and Bidens
Trumps are doing Squats while Bidens run over Focker hill and back. Bidens take over on their way to 100. Repeat until done

Lets do it again with Merkins

End of year prediction for 12/31/2020. . . (sesame street song starts playing??!) while Mary begins with LBC. . . End of Year surprise prediction is . . all of 2020 orchestrated by global Kabal ran by . . . Elmo. JK but seriously when are we going to stop doing LBC. .

More Mary (low flutter kicks, low dolly, etc)

Finish // Recover <> Recover

Set the tone and reach out to others <Prayer>

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