Toys on the court

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 09/09/2020
Q: Stark
Pax: DOS, Glory, Rage, Short Circuit
DR Pax:

Quick warm up – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Morning, Al Gore

The Thang:
On the basketball court – 5 stations of toys…
Station 1 – slosh pipe
Station 2 – Smaller tire
Station 3 – Slosh Pipe
Station 4 – Bigger tire
Station 5 – 2 Bricks

Each pax at 1 station and we rotate thru. 1 set is when all 5 stations are complete.
After the exercise is performed at each station, 1 group exercise is done, then move to the next station.

Round 1 – 10 Merkins before moving the the next station.
Round 2 – 20 Squats
Round 3 – 10 Burpees
Round 4 – 1 merkins/25 Hallelujahs, 2/20 Hallelujahs, 3/15 ,4/10,5/5

Quick mary to wrap it up


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