Relaxing on Labor Day

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 09/07/2020
Q: Chief
Pax: Curtain Call, Focker, Glory, Haka, Lambert, Panther, Papa Doc, Spinach, Timber, U-Haul, Van Winkled
FNG: Band Camp
DR Pax: Tenenbaum

Another beautiful morning in valley of the sun! It became even more beautiful when we had a Curtain Call sighting!! Good to see him back out there.

Glory kicked it off with a disclaimer and here we go!

The Thang:
WARM UP (Q’d by Glory)
– Merkins
– Low, slow squats
– Pulsing lunges
– Imperial walkers
– Hill billy walker leg swings

– Mosey up to mill ave bridge for some fun!
– Run across the bridge. Every time white car drives by = 10 burpees! At every light pole (18 in total) stop and do a variation of merkins, wide merkins, and crucible merkins. Start with 3 at first 3 lights, lights 4-6 = 4 merkins, lights 7-9 = 5 merkins…etc.
– Unfortunately we saw 4 white cars on the way to the south side of the bridge. YHC didn’t remember this many cars in the early morning hours in Tempe. Ouch!
– After mosey across the bridge, head all the way up to top of A Mountain! There was even a Spinach sighting on our way up!!
– Timber led us up the stairs to the top and at the top UHaul gave us all some time to take in the lovely view by “allowing” us to do 50 squats in cadence. How nice of him to do that!
– Mosey back down to the Mill ave bridge. Same rules for white car. Start with 1 squat at first light, and increase by 1 at each light. Too many white cars again on this round!

MARY (Q’d by Glory)
– Some awful ab workout that i can’t remember the name of. It was an 8 count and crushed YHC.
– LBCs
– Dying cockroach
– Flutter kicks

Extremely thankful for Band Camp and his service for our country. Reminder about upcoming 9/11 stair climbs (two planned for 9/11 – one in am and another in pm). Monthly F3 prayer night is Mon 9/14. Praise for Curtain Call’s new family member and health. Gratitude for today.

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