Why is Lambert so angry this morning???

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 09/02/2020
Q: Lambert
Pax: Bullseye, Chief, Papa Doc, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Sweater Vest, Timber
DR Pax:

“What better place than here? What better time than now?” ~RATM

The Thang:
Set 1: ‘Mericans, LBCs, Overhead Claps, Squats, and Flutter Kicks; Set 2: Diamond ‘Mericans, Ab Opposite Hand/Foot Touches, Front Claps, Clean & Press, and Imperial Walkers; Set 3: Wide arm ‘Mericans, Rows, Low Claps, and Gorilla Humpers; Set 4: Hand Raise ‘Mericans, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers, and Bicycles. In between each set: Bear Crawl / Crab Walk, Front Lunge / Reverse Lunge, Side Shuffle Right / Left, and Sprints Forward / Reverse

“I pray that I may feel God’s love never fail. I pray that I may have confidence in His unfailing power.”

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