It’s getting cooler….

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 08/31/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Boots, Chief, Sweater Vest, U-Haul
DR Pax:

Hike started at 0530 sharp. U Haul and Boots joined right as stepping on trail. Sweater Vest informed group he would be turning early as he had a meeting. The dedication to be out there was awe inspiring! Panther stayed in fartsack.

The Thang:
Hike up to the usual turn, except for SW, who turned after the boulder hill. U Haul was enjoying wrangling Boots up the mountain today and met us back at the boulder hill. It was a nice easy recovery hike today. No extra credit. U Haul promoted the use of the weight vest for additional leg workout. All made the hike with sunrise at 0601 today!

Countarama and namearama. Information was talk about 9/11 exercise. We were going to do a stair intensive workout! Stairs at CB near helipad number 84. We will talk to Chirp tomorrow to see other possible options. Convergence will be next Monday 9/7. This mean CB hike is cancelled. We will meet again on 9/14. Prayers occurred! Glory to God.

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