Pulling and Steps

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 08/19/2020
Q: Sandbag
Pax: Forrest, Glory, Short Circuit, Stark, Swirl
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Tippy taps
Abe Vigoda
Light bulbs
Plyo- imperial
Some other stuff too.

The thang:
Mosey up to swings…
Swing rows, T-Merkins and bent over row squeezes (no weight). 10 reps x 2 sets on each exercise.

Mosey over to bench in front of steps…
American hammer
Big boy sit-ups
American hammer

Mosey to steps…
Suicide up the steps. Start at grass. Last rep is to the fence. Pick up 6.

Go back up for the top. Feet under fence. American hammer and reach arounds.

On the fence at top of hill.
Rows. Palms up and palms down.

Mosey to bottom of hill.
Sprint up and walk down x 4. In honor of the sad clown who ran hills #alone.

Mosey to steps. Put feet on steps.
Knee touches
Peter Parker

Can’t remember… should have complete BB sooner.

Pray for health

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