It’s an uphill climb

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 08/17/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther, Sweater Vest
DR Pax:

Parking lot was filling up fast at 0515 when Panther and I pulled in. Pax will need to show up early to the trailhead to ensure they get a spot. @sweatvest and Panther were the only two pax ready to go at 0530.

The Thang:
Hiked up to the usual turn with 25s on the way down SSH, Merkins and Squats x4 sets. Discussion on hike was about lagging numbers on CB from previous year. Parking is an issue but doesn’t seem to be the primary barrier. Need to motivate Pax to rejoin the joy of this great trail and lean into the workout. I plan to increase our workouts on the mountain side again to increase the degree of pain. Pax love pain, right @sweatervest? We need to EH some FNGs into the fold and bring back some old timers as well! Echo is too extraordinary to let it lose momentum.

Countarama and namearama. Prayed it out and ready to start the week off right!!

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