Bikini Bottom Q

AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 08/15/2020
Q: Rage
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Bowser, Glory, Gypsy, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Swirl
DR Pax:

Attention to your neglected zones.

The Thang:
SSH variations
Arm Circles and swings
Low-lunge chest expansion
Cherry pickers (slow and controlled with back bend at the top)
Windmills (slow and controlled)
Low side lunges
Revolved lunge to side-angle stretch
Plankton(smurf) jacks
Parker Peters to three-legged-dog (finish with a hip opener, aka scorpion)

Mosey to railed ramp
Sandy Squirrel (bear) crawls under and between the rails all the way to the top of the playground complex
SpongeBob squats (around the world) – 8 sets one way and then reverse
Mr. Crab walk variations (backwards, side, other side, and forward) down the backside
Patrick Star jumps
Lizard back up the path (switch sides 1/4 of the way
Sea cucumber (inch worms) up the 2nd 1/2
Surfer squats

Mosey to grass
Boat to caneo
Patrick Starfish crunch
Lobster (superman hamstring curls)
Whale tail (double leg raises)
Hammerhead shark (superman with side crunches and hands on head)
Squidward (ab jacknife)
Aquaman (superman swimmers)

Thanked everyone for coming out and pushing each other. Encouraged to use the tools we hone to persevere through these workouts to become better men, husbands, sons, fathers, friends, and members of the community. And to never forget to SMILE!

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