Beep Testin’ & Tic Tac Toe Racin’

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 08/18/2020
Q: Chirp
Pax: C(L)ock Blocker, Focker, Full House, Panther, Sweater Vest, U-Haul, Zanjero
FNG: Nair, Sparkle, Grizzly
DR Pax:

Light jog into 25 side straddle hops then “circle of merkins” (x5 – 25 total merkins + planks) [10 mins]

The Thang:
Attendees ran the beep test (or Multi-stage fitness test). This is a great tool to use to test endurance and VO2 Max. Cones positioned 20 meters (65.7 feet) apart. Using an iPhone and a speaker played the beep test audio on YOUTUBE ( ). Runners start with the first beep and attempt to run 20 meters to the next cone before the beep. Repeat until you cannot make it to the cone by the beep. Once a runner was no longer able to continue they alternated world war 2’s, standing squats and planks or pushups between beeps. Check out the attached picture that displays beep test levels. Remember your score and attempt to do better next time! [15 minutes]

Next we ran a TIC TAC TOE Race 4 times. Split into 2 even groups. Coned off tic tac toe playing surface approximately 35-40 yards from the starting line. Each group ran from the starting line to the playing surface and 1 person from each group placed a colored cone on the surface playing tic tac toe. Then the groups ran back to the starting line and did 10 burpees. The groups repeated this until a group when the tic tac toe game. Exercises changed each time (10x side straddle hops, 10x world war 2’s, 10x plank jacks). Did this for the 1st and 2nd race.

3rd race: instead of running the group alternated between bear crawls, duck walks and crab walks to get from the starting line to the playing surface, no exercises until a winner was determined.

4th race: No exercises, just sprinting from starting line to playing surface until a winner is determined. [13 minutes]

Ended with Mary. Multiple core exercises [7 minutes]

Welcomed three FNG’s (Grizzly, Nair & Sparkles). Thoughts and prayers for all effected directly or indirectly by COVID.

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