The Smasher

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 08/06/2020
Q: Taz
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Bootlegger, Clearance Clarence, Crimson Hawk, Grills, Homer, Plug-in, Python, Ryu, Sandbag, Wolveriño
DR Pax:

When I work out at the first tree I see a bunch of future Q’s who just need to take a leap of faith.

2 Rounds:
Side-stradle-hop x15
Merkin x15
Big boy sit-up x15
Squat x15
Little baby crunches x15

The Thang:
Two person exercise, one person runs while other person does a workout move when the partner gets back they switch
The partner pair does
100 push ups
150 sit ups
200 American hammers 4 count
The next exercise was the group runs too each corner of the field doing Q-called exercises at each one including:
Jumping lunges

Thanked God for these bodies and held a squat till someone who has not Q’d before volunteered to do so

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