Find Your Way to Yes!!!

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 08/06/2020
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Ditka, Focker, Panther, Stu, Timber, U-Haul
DR Pax:

After a brief disclaimer, the warm-up started with Side Straddle Hop (20x), Windmill (15x), Squats (15x), Merkins (15x), WWII (15x), and Peter Parker’s (15x). Then the PAX proceeded on a short Mosey.

The Thang:
Sweater pulled out a deck of LARGE cards. He warned the PAX that all cards below 5 had been removed. Hearts – hand release merkins, diamonds – diamond merkins, spade – lunges, and clubs – dips. Each member of the PAX took turns selecting a card (youngest to oldest). Once everyone had a change, the PAX mosied for 300 yards …. then continued with pulling cards. Midway through the deck, Sweater ask Panther to pull a card and the group would do Motivators … as only Pather could do, he pulled an Ace!!! We proceeded to do 11 Motivators (with a brief mosey in the middle). The PAX ended with 6 minutes of Mary – going around the circle.

We discussed the concept of Finding Your Way to Yes. The analogy was the professional sports teams. In their own way, they have all found a way to play during this crazy time. We need to do the same with family, friends, work, etc. We ended with a prayer asking God to look over us and to help us to be the men, fathers, husbands, neighbors, and colleagues he would be proud of.

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