Last Workout Up North

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 07/30/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther
DR Pax:

Final workout for the Flagstaff outreach for a while. We will be back!! Great place which we will miss. Wish we had gotten a bit more momentum but it’s a good start. Today’s workout was a best of Wheeler Park workouts!!! Warmarama: In cadence, 25 SSH, 15 windmills, 25 Hillbillies, 20 iron crosses, 20 forward/ back arm circles. Mosey to parking lot. 15 parking space shuffles forward and back. Mosey back to Arbour Day bench.

The Thang:
At Arbour Day bench do 10 over and back box jumps, 20 dips, and 20 Derkins. Mosey around park to war memorial for jumps workout x5 (box jump up, jump over railing, perform squat and reverse over railing and down box jump). Mosey to flag. Bear crawl box burpees starting with 5 burpees around 10 yard square with going down to 1 burpee. Mosey to town square, 25 step ups at square, 25 bunny hops around steps, mosey to parking structure (run up) with 25 SSH at top, mosey to workout wall. 60 second wall sit. Mosey to flag. 25 lunges (count on L leg), 25 Merkins, 25 WW2, 25 squats. Mosey around park with karaoke on south and north sides, return to flag. Name 6 soldiers from memorial, do 17 WW2 for 17 WW2 vets on memorial. Mosey to downtown square (add Karaoke, backpedaling, and high knees along the way). Back to flag!!!

Mary: 25 American Hammers on Focker time!!! Countarama and namearama! Great prayer by Panther 🐆. Thank you Flagstaff!!!! We shall be back!!!!

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