Cadence 25

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 07/25/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther
DR Pax:

Cranky Panther this morning. Apparently someone didn’t feel they got enough beauty sleep. “But dad, kids are supposed to get at least 8 hours sleep.” Warmarama: in cadence 25 SSH, 25 windmills, 25 mountain climbers, 25 Hill Billies, and arm circles forward/backward. Mosey around town square.

The Thang:
All exercises in cadence for 25! Imperial Walkers, step ups at Arbour Day bench, Merkins, frog crunches, right/left turn through planks, and more SSH; Mosey around park, Hill Billy Walkers, WW2, SSH, step ups, and dips. Mosey around town square; wall sit for 25 cadence count and calf raisers. Back to flag, step ups, SSH, Hill Billies, Box cutters, and WW2. Mosey around park.

Mary: WW2, plank, American Hammers, 4 for the core! Countarama and namearama. Prayer lead by Panther! Coffeeteria!!!

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