Parking Lot Stuff

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 07/21/2020
Q: Sandbag
Pax: Billy Goat, Bootlegger, Clearance Clarence, Crimson Hawk, Homer, Lex, Pothole, Python, Ryu, Slap Shot, Taz, Uno, Walter, Wideout, Windy, Wolveriño
FNG: Mark aka Getty
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Twisters. IC.
Front to back hops. 20 OYO.
Tippy taps. IC.
Side hops over line. 20 OYO.
Plyo- Imperial. IC.
Good mornings. IC.
Plyo – Hillbilly. IC.
Moroccan night w/jog. Count off.
Jog over to parking spaces. 1 pax per line.

The Thang:
In the parking space rectangle.
– Shuffle. Sprint. Shuffle. Backpedal.
– Jump squats OMU.
– Carioca. Sprint. Carioca. Backpedal.
– straight leg dead lift. IC.
– Lunges: Side. Back. Side. Regular.
– Pickle pointers. IC.
– Plank walk. Bear crawl. Plank walk. Crawl bear.
– Merkins. OMD.

30 seconds x 2.
1/2 pax. People’s chair.
1/2 pax. Quick feet on curb.

30 seconds balls to the wall. Q didn’t explain well enough.

Back on track. 30 seconds x 2
1/2 pax balls to wall
1/2 pax quick feet right foot side to side on curb and packet. Left on 2nd round.

Slowsy back to flag.

Merkins. OMD.
Smurf Jack. IC.

Jack Webbs. Merkin/Hallelujah 1:4. Up to 5 Merkins.
Dan Taylor. Squat/Lunge 1:4. Start at 4 squats and 16 lunges. End with 4 squats and 16 lunges due to time.

Flutter kick
Box cutter

Praise pax for breaking FT attendance record.

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