First Wet Workout in a While

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 07/21/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther
DR Pax:

Rain throughout the workout but PAX were in good spirits maybe a little sleepy. Warmarama: rain dance goofballs in cadence 20; motivators starting at 6; windmills in cadence at 20; arm raiders in cadence 20; overhead arm claps in cadence 20. Mosey.

The Thang:
Mosey to town square, bunny hops at the square up and down concert area x 10. Mosey to parking garage area, up the ramp to top, 20 SSH in cadence, mosey to paying customers workout wall for 1 minute wall sit; mosey back to flag. 25 Merkins, more Goofballs, 20 hillbilly walkers in cadence. Mosey to post office stairs, jump up/down stairs x10. Mosey to parking lot. Pick parking line, do box shuffles x10 to right and x10 to left. Mosey 4 blocks back to park. Memorial jumpers x 5 ( recall men from Saturday workout). Count WW2 vets on memorial (17). Most back to flag, 17 WW2 in cadence. Mose to bench, 20 step ups in cadence. Mosey around town square with karaoke and skipping along the way. Return to flag, 17 additional WW2s for Mary! PAX were hostile due to being over time! 😂

Countarama and namearama completed. Panther prayed for the lovely rainy day. I guess a wet Panther makes for short prayers! 🌧 ☔️

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