BLIMPS with a Twist

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 07/21/2020
Q: Short Circuit
Pax: Swirl
DR Pax:

Warm up: (20reps) cadence SSH, 10x incline burpees, 15x good morning, side shuffle Left side about 15-20ft each way, Side shuffle right side, 60 yards alternating twisting lung, after mossey back to start.

The Thang:
BLIMPS with a twist (Up hill) : Exercises B : mtn climbers/bear crawls L : lunges I : Imperial walkers M : merkins P : Parker peters S : quick feet/ Sprint. 1st round 5 reps / 2nd round 10reps. Start: do mtn climbers at base / bear crawls up hill , lunges at Base / lunges uphill, imperial walkers at base / imperial walkers uphill, merkins at base / 5steps then merkin uphill, Parker peters at base / Parker Peters uphill, quick feet at base / sprint up hill. Rinse and repeat for 10reps. Finish with cha-cha plank/abs workout.


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