The G.A.B.E Workout

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 07/18/2020
Q: Panther
Pax: Focker
DR Pax:

Warmarama: Motivators starting at 7, Windmills 15 in cadence, Seal claps 20 in cadence, overhead arm claps 20 in cadence, forward/ backward small arm circles 10 in cadence each, forward/ backward arm circles 10 in cadence each. Mosey around park.

The Thang:
Five sets of G.A.B.Es. G=groiners x10, A=Algors 30 sec, B=box jumps up over and back x5, E=elevators(squat with calf raise at the top).

3x Hop up, jump over railing, squat at bench, hop back over railing, jump down. Pick a veteran from the memorial each time. Vietnam: Jeffrey L. Wright, Jeffrey A. Coffin, Richard D. Hulse, Ned Lee. World War II: Marvin B. Adkins. Operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan: Eric Lindstrom.

Mary: All in cadence; 20 LBC, 20 Hello Dolly’s, 15 Eddy Merckx’s; namearama, Countarama; COT: prayed for men/women in the Military Service around the globe. Prayed for the family of the men we remembered in the Thang above and remembered them for there life and service to all of us.

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