Tour of Wheeler Park, the hard way.

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 12/30/1899
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther, RoadRash
DR Pax:

Warmarama: In cadence 15 Windmills, 15 Hill Billies, 5 quad stretches each leg, 20 forward arm circles, 20 backward arm circles, 20 Iron Crosses. Mosey to busiest corner of park.

The Thang:
From the SE corner of park start with 20 Monkey Humpers, then Bearcrawl to SW corner of park (uphill/ 200 yards); 20 big boy sit-ups, then Inch Worms with complete standup to NW corner of park (200 yards), then 25 Merkins; Crabwalk to NE corner of park (200 yards), 20 Smurf Jacks; Duckwalk back to SE corner (went half way, then Karaoked rest of way); 20 more Monkey Humpers! Mosey to central square, hops up and down steps in square, mosey back to Wheeler Park F3 Sign!!!

Countarama, Namearama! Prayers all around mentioning many items from last nights 3rd F gathering! Sent @Rash off to Yellowstone fun with family for a few weeks. Catch him back for last few Flagstaff BDs!!!

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