Need a Megaphone

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 07/14/2020
Q: Sandbag
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Bolt, Bootlegger, Clearance Clarence, Grills, Pee Wee, Ryu, Six, Tipper, Uno, Walter
FNG: David AKA – Windy, Neil AKA – Lex, Porter AKA Wideout
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Warmup: IC.
Imperial walker
Overhead clap
Hill Billies
Calf raises
Abe Vigoda
Jump rope. 1 min.

The Thang: set up cones at 15 and 30 yards.
7s: burpees and getups. Jog 30 yard.

11s: T Merkins and jump squats. Imperial walker 15 yards. Jog back.

15s: Pickle Pointers and high knees (2 ct) Dog and bush 15 yards. Job back.

Sally Jump Squat.

Flutter kick.

Prayers for health and all those traveling.

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