Devil’s Ladder

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 07/11/2020
Q: Spaetzle
Pax: Shock Collar, Stu, Timber
DR Pax:


15 SSH
10 Windmills
15 Forward Arm Circles
15 Reverse Arm Circles
. . . Anyone else gonna show up? No, no one showing up late to do burpees
15 Helicopters

. . . Ok – well the 4 of us will keep moving on to The Thang then

The Thang:
Cardiooooooooooooo BLAST
Mosey to School parking lot for some wind-sprints
Running X% to halfway point then Y% to the end. Repeat on way back
100% – All you Got!

Mosey back to Field for some DEVIL’S LADDER <Stu said “Thank you” as we left the parking lot. . . mwah haha>
This is basically field-length suicides but doing workouts at the stop-off points and then at the baseline

So 1/4 down field (10 Merkins), Come Back (10 WWII Situps)
1/2 down (20 Merkins / 20 WWII)
3/4 down (30 Merkins / 30 WWII)
Full Field (40 Merkins / 40 WWII)

Its about 100 Merkins . . give or take

<Shock Collar looking pretty impressive, I’m just trying to keep up with Timber>

Repeeatoooo w/ some new workouts
Good news is the baseline workout is only half (so 5, 10, 15, 20)
Bad news is the baseline workout is Burpees paired with Caroline Drydocks out in the field.

Let’s move

Arms are hurting here. . . So lets to Overhead Arm Claps (Assume 100)
30x double count OOC
Why not go for 30 more (Ugggh)
Actually – I said assume 100 so why not, lets do 40 double count more to hit 100 (200 if you count the double-time)

MARY – Round-Robin PAX Lead (Timber – Superman, Shock Collar – Low Flutter Kicks, Stu – Fire Hydrants (of course), Spatzle – Low Dolly)

Recover, Recover

Reach out! In times like this when we are isolated it is easy to just WFH and become secluded. But we need interaction, and people need us to reach out to them. So reach out to co-workers, friends, family with connection and be a leader

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