1 Minute Workouts

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 07/08/2020
Q: Sherpa
Pax: Lambert, Spaetzle, Stu, U-Haul
DR Pax:

This is a free peer led work out. Not a professional. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe. Modify exercises if needed. It is you versus you.

The Thang:
Warm up: March in place and swing arms, 15 second of jumping jack, 15 seconds of high knees, 15 seconds of forward, backward, out, in leg workout, 15 seconds of Kick butts while moving arms up and down. Repeat. 1 minute work outs. Sherpa will cadence up to 10 then PAX continue till 1 minute is over. Form is more important than speed. Push up side planks, Up/Down planks, Limb extension planks, Shoulder touch planks, Prison Squats, Side Squats, Pistol Squats, Side Kick Squats, Squat Jacks, squat jumps, merkins, diamond merkins, Carolina dry docks, Peter Piper push ups; Last set: 10 half burpees, 10 full burpees, 10 candle stick burpees, 10 plank jack burpees

All are created in the Image and Likeness of God. God is Love so we are be an image of Love. Anything the destroys that image is bad such as violence and racism, anything that reflects that image is Good such as being a loving husband and father. We must be the Love that God generously gives us to our neighbors. Ended with prayers to have the courage to do what is right.

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