July 4th Mashup

AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 07/04/2020
Q: Billy Goat
Pax: ATM, Crimson Hawk, Forrest, Rage, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Stark, Swirl
FNG: Nicolas aka Bolt
DR Pax:

Disclaimer. 4 Qs.

The Thang:
Warmup: Q1 – Billy Goat (First Tree)
Good Mornings-12 C
Tappy taps-12 C
Imperial Walkers-12 C
Hill Billy Walkers-12 C
Ray Finkles-12 each side OYO
Abe Vagotas-12 C
Al Gores-12 C
Arm Circles-6 (small, big, forward, reverse)
Burps-12 OMD
Merkins-12 OMD
SSH-25 C
Hallelujahs-25 C
Jump Squats-25 OMU

Thang 1: Q2 – Forrest (Dog House)
Run to hill
Left leg (Peter Parker / Parker Peter) Merkin, then other leg Merkin. IC x 10 total.
Sprint up hill
Burpees with double kick out. X 10
Sprint up hill
Lunge jumps. IC x 10 total.
Sprint up hill
Tempo squat. 10 starting position down and 10 starting position up. IC
Spring up hill
Plank. Jumping legs right, center left. IC x 10.
Sprint up hill
Plank. Elbow to keen. IC x 10.
Bear crawl up. Crawl bear down hill.

Rinse and repeat until 15 min is up. Q starts each exercise.

The Thang 2: Q3 – Rage (Dog House)
Mosey back to flag.
Squatting punches IC x 10. Straight to 3 point tuck (1 arm plank burping legs) IC x 10. Rinse and repeat, but with other arm planking.
Chair to Roman burpees. OMD x 10
Hindu Merkin. OYO x 12
Flying knee squat. IC x 8
Lunge robo flow 3 sets each leg. IC
Ankle to knee taps. IC x 20
Egyptian Merkins. OMD x 15
Superman leg curls. 15 double leg. 20 alternating. IC
Superman T – squeeze hold. IC x 15
Peter Parker. IC x 15

Mary: Q4 – Sandbag (First Tree)
American hammer. IC x 25.
Alternating pickle pointer (each leg x 2 = 1). IC ( YHC needs more practice with 8 ct cadence.) x 8.
Cobra hold. IC x 12.
Candlestick. OMU x 17.
Flutter kick. IC x 76.

Cali fires. July 10 ruck. Peace on earth.

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