Plant the Flag(staff) Up North

AO: Flagstaff
Beatdown Date: 07/04/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther
DR Pax:

First workout in Flagstaff!!! Wheeler Park is awesome. Nice wet thick grass at 0600. Temps were around 50 degrees! Beautiful to get heated up with a patriotic BD. I chose to use RR as the post site due to it being the furthest north AO 🥴. Warmarama: 7 cadence windmills, 4 cadence high knees, 20 SSH, 20 Arm circles (cadence forward & backward) 7/4/2020!

The Thang:
All exercises done in cadence except the planks and set of 76. 7/4/1776!!!!

4= minute plank

7=Apollo Onos
17=American Hammers
76=Imperial Walkers

4=minute Plank
76= Mountain Climbers

4=Odin Leaps
17=American Hammers
76=mericans (Sets of 25 +1; between sets run 1 mile)

Ran over to VFW to get pic and met a nice fellow. He said he would post our workout fliers! Panther will work on these today!!! Namearama and Countarama were conducted at nearby Starbucks.

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